Run and Bun

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Lifty and Shifty pull off a daring robbery and steal Mole's freshly baked buns! It's up to you to help collect all the buns that fall out of their van. Hopefully, you don't have a gluten allergy! In the expanded version, you can choose from 6 Happy Tree Friends characters, each with their very own mode of transportation. There will also be 6 different levels, each with its own unique obstacles and traps to watch out for and avoid. Keep an eye out for special buns! You never know what weird and strange powers they will give you!

Control :

Click or tap to use the booster. Collect as many buns as possible, avoid dangerous objects, and increase your distance and score with each level. Use buns in the store to unlock new characters, levels

Tips :

Go to the store to unlock 6 fun Happy Tree Friends, 6 different levels including the jungle and an amusement park, and 6 awesome powerups including Atomic Buns, Turbo Buns, and Buns of Steel! Some spe

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